Premiere: Enoid – “Ecnassian”


What’s black, ticks like a clock and induces loud noises?

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking that today’s black metal largely seems to lack that particular kind of vitriol, the decrepit misanthropy that gave the music the magical, and much revered “it”. Passion that wasn’t directed towards creation, but towards conveying that malignant evil – only now lacking the clownish shenanigans many of the genre’s forefathers desperately drew attention towards themselves with. If you have, you’re in luck, because Bornyhake of Switzerland believes it to be so, and intends to change things – by… un-changing them.

The man may be better known to some from the industrial-tinged Borgne, but Enoid has put several albums down since the early 00’s. Rejecting “technique” and “progression”, Livssyklus & Dodssyklus is bound to contain some of the most primal and hateful black metal that you’ll hear all year, while remaining free of any outsider taint. There is no intent to please, no intent to excite, only black metal as it was conceived to be. While the loud, and presumably programmed, drums are certain to irk some, they’re never a distraction from the festering hatred that spawned such riffs as these. Satanath Records have described Enoid as “hyperspeed black metal” – and indeed much of the time this is true – it is not entirely accurate, there’s just enough slower tempos and pauses to keep things from becoming one big blur.

If you’d like to know more, keep up with the band’s comings and goings, or buy the record hit them up on Facebook, or maybe Bandcamp. While you’re at it tell Satanath “something something Toilet” as well.

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