Premiere: Verthebral – ‘Isolation Room’


Paraguayan deathcult for eternity.

Remember mid-2017? Hahahah, trick question. No-one does. That’s why we won’t hold it against you if the name Verthebral doesn’t immediately ring a bell. For me though, it recalled a mental image of a kaledeiscopic sci-fi themed album cover, and some fucking mad 90’s vibe’d death metal from a country where I knew precisely one local band. How did my addled mind manage to fire the correct synapses on this lone occasion? Because, fellow flusher, I was fortunate enough to premiere the title track from the band’s kick-arse debut album Regeneration.

Fast-forward two and a half years and here we are again, with an offering from the band’s upcoming second record, Abysmal Decay. Fast-forward again, just 5 minutes from now this time, and you’ll understand why they’ve been signed on by our longtime label friends at Transcending Obscurity Records¬†for the release of this new joint. The improvement is undeniable. All the elements of the band’s sound we remarked upon before still prevail, from the clomping bass, potent mid-tempo USDM-flavoured riffing, the rollicking double-bass drums, it’s all still there, however everything is tighter and feels more concentrated. In short, it fucks. I’ve had the chance to give the album a couple of cursory plays and if you dug their debut, you’re gonna be stoked with Abysmal Decay in every possible way. There are even a couple of poignant acoustic interludes which imbue the album with that touch of class often lacking in a genre as densely populated as modern death metal. Let’s put it this way, when a promo-pack comes in containing the words: Krisiun, Morbid Angel, Death, and Turkka Rantanen¬†you know they’d wanna have the goods.


    1. Ancient Legion
    2. The Act Of Perversion
    3. Abysmal Decay
    4. Isolation Room
    5. Coronation Of Envy
    6. Absence Of A God
    7. Sweet Home Illusion
    8. Obsidian Tears
    9. My Dark Existence
    10. Testimony Of Hate

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Transcending Obscurity ready for its December 27th release date
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