Premiere: Get Pummelled By This New Neter Jam


If you crave the tight death metal that bands like Decapitated and Morbid Angel were renown for, then Neter will sort you out.

While Spanish death merchants Neter are a relatively young-ish group, their music holds an odd sense of nostalgia for me. Their previous release, 2015’s Idols was my first fully fledged album review for the Toilet ov Hell, and could be viewed as somewhat analogous in that while it was not the most technical or flashy foray into the field, it was an enthusiastic display and got the job done. So of course when the chance arose to cover a new track from the band’s upcoming third album Infernus I felt obliged to…oblige? Ok, so I guess nothing has changed on my end, how have Neter progressed though?

‘Galvanize’ picks up exactly where Idols left us; the almost primal rhythmic pounding double-kicks, powerful Vogg-meets-Azagthoth staccato riffage, and barbaric roars that portend to the downfall of civilisation are all still ceaselessly working in unison to give Neter their familiar but threatening sound. Many of us will remember 2017 as a particularly monumental year for death metal, and with Infernus dropping on January 15th, there’s no reason the streak has to end.

Pick up Neter’s new album Infernus on Bandcamp or direct through Satanath Records from January 15th.

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