Premiere: Imperialist Reveal the “Splendor Beneath an Ancient Permafrost”


Hoo buddy, have I got a juggernaut of a brand new track for you today! There’s a groundswell of hype behind the upcoming release from spaced out black metal riff masters Imperialist, and once you stab play on “Splendor Beneath an Ancient Permafrost,” you’ll harbor no doubt as to why. Killer riffs, icy vibes, and a compelling narrative arc all make this one of the best songs I’ve ever had the distinct pleasure of unveiling on this here toilet fetish blog. Get in here, crank it loud, and let your blood turn to ice!

“Splendor Beneath an Ancient Permafrost” is the fourth track from Imperialist’s upcoming full-length debut Cipher, and as I hinted in the introduction, it checks all the right boxes:

  • Astute, endlessly headbangable riffs cribbed from the Thulcandra camp of black metal? ✅
  • A massive, science fiction yarn rivaling metal epics from Artificial Brain or Nocturnus? ✅
  • An eye for dynamics to make this far more than a one-and-done riff bonanza? ✅

That last point is really the key to all the hype behind Cipher. Not only do Imperialist guitarists Soto and Quinones conjure spellbinding melodies, but they also accent their guitar work with ear-worming thrash motifs and monstrous drumming. After you’ve already spun the track a few times, fast forward to about 3:15 and lose yourself in the brief avalanche of notes and the subsequent percussive meteor storm. Got dang does that rule!

And we’d be remiss to not point out the absolutely stellar art that adorns Cipher, inked by the legend himself, Adam Burke. Just look at it!

Imperialist is the real deal, and “Splendor Beneath an Ancient Permafrost” is just the first taste of an unyielding cosmic storm. The track embed is a bit quiet, so crank it loud and blast off into the stratosphere.

Many thanks to Imperialist and Transcending Obscurity for the premiere. You can find Imperialist on Bandcamp and Facebook.


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