Flush it Friday: 5 Years Late Again


No, I’m not discussing the timeline of my contributions to TovH (that’s every 10 years), but rather, I’ve somehow gone and missed something incredible for literally hundreds of weeks. Again. I don’t know the consensus around these parts, but Big Mouth has been making me LOL like no other comedy in recent (any?) memory, and like a younger owl who’d been ignoring Game of Thrones (in retrospect, I was one of the lucky ones), I now find myself in the midst of a heavy binge.

The surrealism and disturbing creativity of the creators constantly has me in disbelief, but its the show’s willingness to tackle complex subjects that makes it truly special. Today marks the release of the 5th season on NetDix, and I cannot wait to see how outrageous things have become by then (I’m at the start of season 3 and there was just an episode about Florida, so I’m still reeling). Don’t h*qq up, give the show a shot. Even if you’re repulsed, there’s something captivating about the sheer perversion on nearly constant display. Kind of like the displays of these writers below!

The Spooktacular is over, but Toilet Radio lives on with a welcum [siqq] return from Breno (and the Golden Boi of course!):

Toilet Radio 337 – Playing Favorites

Hans did what he does best—blew his spew impromptu with a B ‘n G for me and you:

Bump’n’Grind – Hype 4 Grind

Karhu prepared us for the holidays with some blasphemous, miserly metal:

November Roundup: Sorrow, Misery & Blasphemy

Have you seen Big Mouth? What are you watching? Why are you watching me? Where did you put the cameras? Do you like what you see? Oh…um yes, G/B/Us, please tell them to me below. ~Roldy <3

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