Premiere: Into Orbit – “Horus”


The New Zealand duo are back with their impossibly evocative sound.

Every time I think I’ve run out of things to say about the instrumental realm, another track hits my inbox and blows me away. Into Orbit‘s “Horus” is seven minutes that feels like three due to a constantly evolving atmosphere and multiple peaks. I want to associate the tone with some apocalyptic landscape but it’s far too cathartic for that to be entirely accurate. The base layer of doomy guitar sets the perfect foundation for the frantic melodies that it leads up to. Click play on this.

The flow of “Horus” is everything I could want in instrumental metal: a tone-setting opener that defines the track, a blackened proggy d-beat moment leading to a classic solo, then ultimately a groovy post-metal build into a satisfying conclusion. In terms of creating constantly engaging material, I think they have surpassed their genre-granpappy Russian Circles.

Head over to their Bandcamp and get your preorder ready. And while you wait for Kinesis to drop, make sure to check out their previous release, Unearthing, which I very pompously wrote about.

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