Rytmihäiriö – Spurgurituaali: A Video Breakdown


*Spurgu – an alcoholic, a reprobate, homeless, member of Rytmihäiriö

In a twist most unusual for the series, were gathered here to ogle at a video that isn’t accompanied by some atrocious tunes by leather-mask huffing weirdos that you liked that one time 15 years ago and still won’t shut up about (sorry 365, I still love you). I love Rytmihäiriö, and I have from when we first met. Through stylistic changes from hardcore towards crossover and thrash, incorporating black and death metal acoustic ballads, dappling in Moonsorrow-esque majesty and heavy metal infused rocking, through several (integral) line-up changes, my affection has only barely waned.

Very much like Nick Cave has merged songs of love, god and death into solid blocks, Rytmihäiriö has spent the last 20 + 4 years telling tales of Alcohol (mostly gambina), murder and Satan. More often than not, simultaneously. Perhaps it’s the mega-specificity of their lyrical gimmick, or the unique nature of their music, but where so many “drinking bands” fail to entertain and maintain intrigue after so many years, Rytmihäiriö has never wavered. Or perhaps it’s because:


But enough of my rampant fanboyism that has reached the level where I now, seriously consider, and often discuss with my tattooist friend, adorning my gut with their logo. New line-up, new song. Old ideas, old larks. Let’s see what it’s all about.

Point two seconds and we already have a product placement. Sellouts.

I think he’s having an epileptic seizure

That’s one healthy looking tongue. No Cymothoa Exigua there.

Nothing to see here folks, just some sweet hobo-lovin’

…And you had to make it weird.

Oh yeah, lick those hairy nipples

Rytmihäiriö’s Gambinapsykoosi is out September 28th on Sakara Records

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