This Toilet Tuesday (5/10/22)


Toilet Tuesday comes around once again, and boy is this one a doozy. Usually I find myself overwhelmed by a ennui at the end of putting these lists together, having blasted bits of songs into my ears that I don’t necessarily consider bad, just not particularly enthralling. This week, however, there is an abundance of high-quality material on the way; there are almost certainly a number of releases on the way you’re going to be interested in. I’m personally planning on hitting most of this list come Friday, but I’m interested to hear what all you’re looking forward to as well.

Hellhaim – Let the Dead Not Lose Hope (Ossuary Records) [Speed Metal]
Listen to “Devilin”

I’m a sucker for good, plain old speed metal, and Hellhaim brings all the wailing vocals, shredding guitars, and old movie samples one needs to make it good. “Devilin” shows that they’re not afraid to get a little weird with the formula, too, and I’m way into that. Partway through the song, it cuts away to a bridge underscored with some slick Spanish guitar and carried by operatic vocals. Definitely unconventional, but given the genre’s propensity for over-the-top everything, I’m inclined to say it works. 5/13/22 (Spear)

Entgeist – Res Gestae (Independent) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Briefe aus dur Isolation”

With apologies to every other black metal on this list today, Entgeist shot straight to the top of my to-listen list upon hearing that first riff. It’s rare that I stop to listen to a full song while putting these lists together, and it’s even rarer that I replay it five times in a row; “Briefe aus dur Isolation” threatened to keep me from getting this out on time. That mid-paced militant groove the song opens on is fantastic, and the momentum never slows from there. Immaculately paced, great mix and tone, a sweet guitar solo- it’s almost criminal how good this is. I have high hopes for the rest of the album based on this single. 5/13/22 (Spear)

Aara – Triade II: Hemera (Debemur Morti Productions) [Black Metal]

Ante-Inferno – Antediluvian Dreamscapes (Vendetta Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Celestial Mirage”

Ash of Ashes – Traces (Independent) [Doom/Folk Metal]
Listen to “To Those Long Forgotten”

Befouled – Denying Pulse (Independent) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Chapel of Bones”

Blasphematory – The Lower Catacombs (Nuclear Winter Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Cruciform Shadows”

Blasphemous Altar – Taste the Blood​.​.​. (Independent) [Black Metal]

The Boneless Ones – Back to the Grind (Independent) [Crossover Thrash]

Cartilage – The Deader the Better (Independent) [Deathgrind]

Cavernlight – As I Cast Ruin upon the Lens That Reveals My Every Flaw (Translation Loss Records) [Death Doom/Sludge]

Cyphonism – Cosmic Voidance (MDD Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “A Goddess Defaced”

Demiricous – Chaotic Lethal (Post. Recordings) [Thrash]

Famyne – II: The Ground Below (Svart Records) [Doom]

Flesh Configuration – Adapt Swarm Planet (Vargheist Records) [Brutal Death Metal]

The Forever Project – The Forever Project (Independent) [lolbuttz]
Listen to “Mirrormaze”

Gonemage – Master of Disgust​.​.​. (Independent) [Wariocore]

Graham Bonnet Band – Day Out in Nowhere (Frontiers Music) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Uncle John”

Grave of Sacrifice – Land of Decay (Independent) [Death Thrash]

Greenseeker – The Wish (Independent) [Stoner Doom]

Hail the Seeker – Demo 2022 (Independent) [Death Metal]

Haunt – Windows of Your Heart (Independent) [Heavy Metal]

Helios – Touch the Sun (Independent) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Kill Your Mother”

Hollentor – Escaping Myself (Independent) [Heavy Metal]

In Twilight’s Embrace – Lifeblood (Terratur Possessions) [Black Metal]

Jungle Rot – A Call to Arms (Unique Leader) [Death Metal]

Katharos – Of Lineages Long Forgotten (Willowtip) [Symphonic Black Metal]

Lintver – The Worst Is Yet to Come (Independent) [Thrash]

Misaligned – Colours (Inverse Records) [Melodeath]

Misery Index – Complete Control (Century Media) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Complete Control,” “The Eaters and the Eaten”

Mondo Podre – Necronomía de subexistencia (Colectivo Bilis) [Deathgrind]

Moon Tooth – Phototroph (Pure Noise Records) [Prog Metal]

Morgue Supplier – Inevitability (Transcending Obscurity) [Weird Deathgrind]

Mutilatred – Determined to Rot (Redefining Darkness) [Brutal Death Metal]

Nechochwen – Kanawha Black (Bindrune Recordings) [Folk Black Metal]

Nest/Vermiforme – split (Independent) [Sludge]

Norilsk – Beyond the Mountains (Hypnotic Dirge Records) [Doom/Post-Metal]

Nuiterra – .​.​.​in the Dark (Independent) [Symphonic Metal]

Nula – So Zemlje (Geenger Records) [Sludge/Post-Metal]

Nullification – The Iron Crusade (Metal Choice Cut Records) [Death Metal]

One’s Truth – One’s for All (Red Lion) [Thrash/Metalcore]

Peine Kapital – Infraordo (Sludgelord Records) [Sludge/Doom]

Primitive Man – Insurmountable (Closed Casket Activities) [DOOM]
Listen to “Cage Intimacy”

Rance – III (Independent) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Vermine”

Ratos de Porão – Necropolítica (FOAD Records) [Crossover Thrash]

Ruinas – Resurrekzion (Spikerot Records) [Deathgrind]
Listen to “Resurrekzión”

Sacred Son – The Foul Deth of Engelond (Independent) [Black Metal]

Saltsower – Saltsower (Independent) [Blackened Sludge]

Schismatic – The Flame of the Past (Mystic Production) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Ancient God”

Scitalis – Doomed Before Time (Vendetta Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “.Slithering in Sins.”

Septekh – Greetings from the End (ViciSolum) [Melodeath/Thrash]
Listen to “Greetings from the End”

St. October – Whatever Darkness (Independent) [Gothic Metal]
Listen to “White Goddess”

Unendlich – Misanthrope Divine (Independent) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Stillness in Death”

Visions of Atlantis – Pirates (Napalm Records) [Surprisingly Not Pirate Metal But Equally Unpalatable]
Listen to “Melancholy Angel”

Void Wraith – II (American Decline Records) [Black Metal]

Woorms – Fatalismo (SuperNova Records) [Sludge]
Listen to “Red Meat for the Faithful”

Zero Hour – Agenda 21 (Frontiers Music) [Prog Metal]
Listen to “Technocracy”

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments!

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