Premiere: Kvlt of Eblis – “Lepaca Lilith”


Buenos días, cabrones. Today I’ve got some diablo-ass evil black metal from the blackest pits of South America (Colombia). I hope you like the devil, killer riffs, Satan, vocals so raw you’ll think you wiped with 1-ply, lucifer, and that sort of infernal kinetic energy you can only find close to the Equator. I’m pleased as hell to bring you the morbid blast of “Lepaca Lilith,” courtesy of Kvlt of Eblis.

“Now Dubs,” you may be thinking, “how evil is ‘Lepaca Lilith’? You threw out a lot of buzzwords that tickle my necroticized giblets, but you’re going to need to do a little more showin’ and a little less tellin’ if you really want me to pucker up for the ol’ beso infame.”

Well, mijo, I’m glad you asked, cuz Kvlt of Eblis is ebil in the way Sarcófago or Vulcano is ebil. Fast, loose, and spittin’ hot fire. Just look at this promo photo!

But in case that’s still too much tellin’, I’ve compiled this handy dandy timestamp list of wicked evil moments sure to get your humors all in a tizzy:

  • 0:09 – Eerie, sinister chanting that wouldn’t be out of place in a wild 80’s Satanic horror movie!
  • 1:11 – The main incendiary riff comes blazing out of the black mass, screeching straight for your head and neck!
  • 2:15 – A vulgar twin-vocal attack; those growls accenting the main, spat vocals are, well, bleggghghhgh!
  • 3:20 – Triplets of hell!
  • 4:42 – Double-time!
  • 5:38 – Requisite evil, beer-swilling laugh!
  • 6:16 – One unholy groove to ride the song out!

There you have it! That’s some certified, pure cut Colombian evil there, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Do a rail with Old Nick below!

Templo de la Serpiente Negra drops this Friday, August 31st, via Morbid Skull Records! Get it here or here and follow the band on Facebook here!

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