Get Out of the City with Audrey Horne


Do you like your Dale on Ice and feel-good rock n’ roll? Then start your week off right!

Here’s some clarification in case that dumb joke went over your head. Audrey Horne is a Norwegian rock group featuring Arve Isdal (a.k.a. Ice muthafuckin’ Dale) of Enslaved, Thomas Tofthagen of Sahg, and some other really cool cats less relevant to you as metalheads.

They’re getting ready to release their followup to last year’s rowdy ride through Faith No More-ish classic rock, Youngblood. It’s called Pure Heavy, and it’s coming to you on October 7th via Napalm Records. They just dropped the first single with it’s accompanying music video, and it sounds like Pure Heavy is going to be another fist-pumping jaunt through endless hooks and singalong choruses. Fun for the whole family, fools. Your wives / imaginary girlfriends might even dig it!

Rho Stone has been giving his almost-weekly advice on how to make music videos that don’t suck. Last week we learned that being Red Fang typically helps a lot. Here are a few more tips, this time from someone completely unqualified who knows almost nothing about film or anything else:

That’s it. Audrey Horne’s new video does both of these things. If you’ve ever thought, “Gee, I’d really like to see everybody’s bearded Viking brother Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth interact with an Ice Dale puppet in a rock n’ roll music video,” then today is going to be a good day. Watch/listen below, tell me what you think, and preorder Pure Heavy right here.

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