Premiere: NekrokraftWitches Funeral


January’s halfway through, but you’re still a slobbering mound of fat from all the ham you’ve been eating. You’re never going to keep those new year’s promises you made and you know it. You’re a disappointment to your parents, to your spouse, and to your children. Hell, if you ten years ago could see you know (s)he could barely stand to look at you. What are you going to do about it? Nothing, that’s what. Your existence is going to continue just as it has – too barely there to be called a life. And it’s about goddern time you get mad about it, and if you can’t even get your rage on by yourself, Nekrokraft is in town to help.

Their hellishly brutal, uncompromising and raw thrash metal is noisy, reeks of death metal to come and is about as subtle as a kick to groins. Here and there, their guitarists Doc and Iron, embellish their work with a blackened melody or two, only to make a tight u-turn and smash a six-stringer on your face. Witches Funeral chronicles the band’s so called forgotten times – days of earthly pleasure both liquid and fleshly, that have escaped the memory of even those who lived through them. There’s demo’s from before the days of Will O’ Wisp, there’s glorification of Quorthon and a tribute to Slayer. And as the icing on the cake, there’s songs the band hasn’t apparently remembered ’til now (man that must’ve been some party).

Nekrokraft is already preparing to release their next full-length, Servants, this year and as a further testament to their hard-working ethos, vocalist Angst can be heard fronting the Swedish thrash-legends Witchery, on two albums released since Will O’ Wisp.


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