Review: Atomicide – Chaos Abomination


South America is a massive breeding ground for some of the most violent sounding bestial blackened death metal and war metal around. Atomicide, much like other well known bestial metal acts from South America like Sarcófago, SacrocurseGoat Semen, Mystifier, and Anal Vomit, like their music grotesque and pulverizing. This Chilean trio wear their spikes, bullet belts, and inverted crosses with pride in front of their demonic army, ready and set to provide no mercy and slay everything in their way.

Chaos Abomination is Atomicide’s second full length album, and not much has changed since Spreading the Cult of Deatha fact that I’m perfectly fine with. The only real, noticeable difference to me is that it seems like they’ve tightened things up in both the playing and production departments. Everything this trio writes is a battle anthem, and Chaos Abomination is full of killer songs with an old-school thrash mentality: straight and to the goddamn point. The drums are constantly blasting away like a .50 caliber machine gun (handled by Andrés Prophaner). Deathbringer’s guitar playing just ravages. Tremolo-picking and hammering chords pepper the listener victim with burning shrapnel, while vocals by Atomizer echo violent war barks across the battlefield, commanding the slaying of all life by any means necessary.

The album kicks off with a deafening snare pattern mixed with monstrous distorted guitars begging for war. Marching drums act as an ignorant mockery of Atomicide’s victims. They approach closer and closer still, until the chaos finally arrives and the war has started. Blood is spilt, limbs are severed, torsos are disemboweled, heads are decapitated, and total fucking death has never been more satisfying. The battle is unrelenting. The drums keep the the back lines constantly marching forward into the battlefield, clad in spikes and bullets. Constant blasting by machine guns, artillery, and airstrike bombard the fields. The savagery lasts just over 30 minutes until all that’s left is the ringing in the ears of the conqueror.

War metal is not an easy listen, and this album is a perfect example of that. For fans of the genre, this is a paragon of an album in that it achieves as much unrelenting fury and brutality as possible. A few songs highlight some groovier sections and some rest breaks, but the majority of Chaos Abomination is fast-blasting. It flows nicely, burning from one war anthem to the next without bleeding together. Chaos Abomination keeps war metal interesting with catchy riffs, powerful vocals, savage drumming, and great production.

Be prepared for battle when you hit play, but know this… you will die in it.


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