Send Your Shit to the Toilet ov Hell


Want to send us something? This is how we handle Toilet ov Hell submissions.

The Toilet ov Hell email has long been here for you like a trusty friend, in bad times and good, siqqness and lameness, flat broke and somehow even poorer. At any time, day or night, you can shoot me an email at and I will read it and immediately respond. Or immediately forget to respond. Our email address currently gets hundreds of emails a week so I occasionally mess up and let cool shit slide by the wayside. I’m working on getting better at replying to your mail, so don’t be afraid to send a follow-up email if you haven’t heard from me (I will appreciate the reminder).

Today, we are announcing a new way to reach out and touch the Toilet. We now have a terrestrial place to send your band’s physical promos, hand-scrawled manifestos, and top-shelf liquor. If you want to send an item to Toilet ov Hell, please mail it to:

PO Box 303038
Austin, TX 78705 

Once I receive your mail, I’ll be sure to send items to the writer that will best cover the promos. Or in the case of top-shelf liquor, greedily horde it for my own monstrous purposes.

To recap:

  • As always, the best place to send your band submissions, tips, and general inquiries is at
  • If you have anything else…

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