Bonus TMP: Abhorrence, Jinjer, Holopainen and More!


Joaquin Stick, as you know by now, likes to pretend he’s busy with work so I’ve been assigned to bring you roughly 50% of the week’s news. Gather ’round and check out some brand new music.

Abhorrence, the Finnish death metal cult-legends that served as Tomi Koivusaari’s (Amorphis) spring-board, and with “Vulgar Necrolatry” – supposedly spawned Amorphis’ first record deal, returned in 2012 for a few gigs and recorded a live album in the hassle. Now they’re back again and going to release an all-new EP titled, uh, Megalohydrothassalophobic. Damn. Anyways, if you don’t know them – get schooled. Personally can’t wait to hear Waltteri Väyrynen tear through these.

Industrial/Shock metallers Fear of Domination have shed their skin and released a new single. A bigger and more twisted song than their previous output, it can mean the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning, according to vocalist Saku Solin. The band has also grown as percussionist Mikael Kunttu and second vocalist Sara Strömmer (ex-Crimfall, Voice of Finland) now add their talent to the pool.

Mors Subita, aggro melodeath whose members also fill-in in Wolfheart and Eternal Tears of Sorrow, has released a new song & dance with a video.


After their latest world tour, Nightwish announced a hiatus – later it turned out mostly because of Holopainen’s well having finally run dry. Although the band is set to tour the world once more as their compilation, Decades, hits the stores soon-ish, it was not a return to older material that re-ignited the spark of creativity in the Hallowed Halls of Holopainen. It was Auri, a band comprised of himself, Troy Donockley – also of Nightwish, and Johanna Kurkelainen, a known Finnish singer/his wife. They’ve now debuted their first ever single for you to listen and all I can say about is that it sure sounds similar to that one solo album about Scrooge McDuck.

Having honed his skills in the (supposed) Swedish masters of suicidal black metal, Shining, and currently lending his talents to CyHra – the band featuring former In Flames and Amaranthe men playing pop rock with metal sounds, Euge Valovirta’s stock exchange rate is climbing fast. What better time then to debut your solo single?

I’ve never heard of the Huntsmen. You’ve never heard of the Huntsmen. But I’ve been told that they combine prog metal with americana and that is literally all I need to know.

Before Jinjer signed to Napalm Records they released a couple (somewhat better) albums, and seeing as how much they’ve risen in popularity since, Napalm decided it was a darn good time to re-release their sophomore Cloud Factory. Here is an new old song from it, with a live video to boot.

Burton C. Bell’s band that isn’t fear factory – Ascension of The Watchers – teases new material.

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