The Dreams of the 90s are Alive and in Bloom


Let’s listen to the debut 7″ from San Antonio psych/shoegaze/dream poppers Bloom.

How do you feel about dank, shoegaze-y jams in the vein of 90s indie heroes like Slow Dive, Ride, and My Bloody Valentine? If you answered “Hell yeah, bruh” you’ve likely already clicked play on the Bandcamp embed below. If you answered “Nah, brah, that shit ain’t metal” then you really need to open up your damn mind with some psychedelic rock. Fine, I can still hear IMNs screaming “BUT IT’S NAWT MEHTUHLLLLL”. How ’bout this: Blake Ibanez, lead guitar player for Texas crossover kings Power Trip, handles guitar duties in Bloom. Eh? Eh?

“Ride” has some of the heaviest guitar tone I’ve ever heard on a song that could be accurately described as dream pop. This two song (plus one surprisingly rad remix) debut just dropped a couple of days ago so you gotta get on it now if you wanna be a trendsetter. Go like Bloom on Facebook and tell ’em the Toilet sent you.

So what do you think? Is this jam your jam? Should more metal dudes explore less-harsh side projects? When do we get to start fetishizing the early 2000s?

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