Video Premiere: Zaraza – “Blood.ov.Psychiatrists”


Apologies to Zaraza, but I think I am going to have to side with the Psychiatrists on this one.

The Canadian and Ecuadorian duo known as Zazara has been making really off-kilter industrial sludge for 23 years, albeit with a slight gap in the resume between 2003 and 2017. Spasms of Rebirth, which came out in May, shows the two have not mellowed out in the slightest. The album is filled with crushing tracks that will make you undeniably uncomfortable. The slow and eerie riffs and maniacal drumming are accompanied by all those noises you hear your house make in the middle of the night that make your testicles shrivel up a little bit.

The Toilet is proud to present the video for the not so subtly named “Blood.ov.Psychiatrists”.  Clearly, either Jacek or Brian has some serious issues with their shrink, as this video advocates for the demise of the profession, or at least anyone who tries to take it up. 

Zaraza puts an ax to good use here, chopping up various objects that are distorted by the disorienting red and black after effects. Logs? Melons? All filling in, presumably, for the heads and limbs of professional talkers. No more will they ask how that makes Zaraza feel; instead, Zaraza will ask them how the ax feels! They call for ripping up prescription pads before cracking open their skulls, which is just downright responsible. You don’t want some junkie finding that and forging a bunch of opioid scripts.

I’m assuming there’s some black humor at play here, but I’ll let you decide. Head over to their Bandcamp page to hear more and pick up your copy of Spasms of Rebirth, and give ‘em a like on Facebook. Many thanks to Transcending Obscurity!

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