TMP: Depths of Hatred, Sumac, Code Orange, and More!


New stuff here, let’s talk about some of it!

New tech death from Depths of Hatred. It’s good!

Kinda really digging this Rebel Wizard track.

Not metal at all, but this Árstíðir track is hittin’ me good.

  • Of course, the huge and sad news of Vinnie Paul passing away.
  • Code Orange released their surprise EP.
  • Mantar teased a new track.
  • Enslaved’s drummer quit the band after 15 years.
  • Seems like The Faceless are (sort of) sticking to their promise of not canceling any more shows, but, uh, maybe they should just cancel all their shows forever?
  • Sumac is touring in the fall.
  • Stillbirth have an album coming in August.
  • Misery Index are in the studio.
  • Imonolith (Threat Signal and Ex-Strapping Young Lad) have a new song.
  • BTBAM previewed a new song.
  • I can’t believe Nonpoint is still around. Here are two new tracks.
  • Coheed announced some details of the new album.
  • Good Tiger’s drummer left the band.
  • “New Clutch” is a phrase I don’t hear men get excited about too often.
  • Metal Allegiance, whatever that is, got a slew of famous guests for a new album.
  • New Deez Nuts.
  • Two new Trappist songs.
  • New Epica song from a covers EP.
  • The intro to this Van Canto track made me chortle.
  • New Powerwolf track with a weirdly high-quality video.
  • Circles, a TesseracT clone, released a track.
  • Bad Religion…is…um…making a statement?
  • Tarja track on Spotify.
  • Lucifer doom it up.
  • Parasite Inc. reminded me why I hate lyric videos.
  • Omnium Gatherum released a tracklist and album art.
  • I got through the first phrase of this Stone Sour song and it made my syntax processors blow up.
  • There was some new Nine Inch Nails on Spotify last week if you’re interested.
  • Monster Magnet US tour.
  • Metal Blade signed Skull Pit [Mem V. Stein (Exumer) and Tatsu Mikami (Church Of Misery)].
  • Konvent signed to Napalm Records.
  • A Pale Horse Named Death European tour.
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