Riff Of The Week: Seasick Edition


*vomits exactly four hyoscine butylbromide tablets*

Last week we got drenched as fuck during our Rain Edition. While I was pleasantly surprised to see Cenotaph edging out the much more popular acronymic acolytes of BtBAM and SYL, there was never going to be any stopping perennial flanno-man HD making it rain with another AiC riff. FWiW TIL TMI AAMOF CWOT FTW FYI, HTH OTOH YMMV NRN BTT.

This week we boarded the USS Nausea in the search of Seasick Riffs. Here’s what you sent in…

Thantifaxath – ‘The Bright White Nothing at the End of the Tunnel’ (Riff @ 0:20)

I think we can all agree that these folks are good at wonky riffs, and this is surely one of the wonkiest to ever kick off an album. I couldn’t explain what exactly achieves this effect, but the riff sounds pretty close to an acoustic representation of nausea.

Fair to Midland – ‘Dance of the Manatee’ (Riff at 0:00)

This song is sick. This album is sick. This band is sick. Do yourself a favor and listen to the whole thing.

The Armed – ‘Issachar’ (Riff @ 0:52)

I love the intensity and the weirdness of these dudes. While I felt the extreme metal scene had stagnated for awhile for me, these hardcore/metalcore/noisy wierd guys breathed new life into my bored old soul with some odd time signatures and strange, inventive riffs. Add in world class drummers that come and go through albums (Nick Yashyshyn, Ben Koller) and I couldn’t ask for more. Now that I’m finished jerking off the band…

After some droning noises and some pounding drum soloing, this riff comes in and seems so disjointed to me. Like there is a bent note where there shouldn’t be. Like you’re just gaining your legs on a boat before a wave comes to knock you on your ass like a big, dumb fuck.

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Mastodon – “Seabeast” (Riff @ 3:31)

In the press buildup to the release of Leviathan, I remember reading something about how the new Mastodon album was supposed to capture or encapsulate the very feeling of being on the Pequod. This idea totally entranced me, though I’m not sure I ever quite felt it when listening to Leviathan, aside from maybe on “I Am Ahab” or “Aqua Dementia.” Instead of picking anything from either of those songs, though, I’m going to make it very easy on everyone this week and pick the album’s best riff, the riff that inspired an in-joke with my friends consisting entirely in saying, “Play ‘Seabeast’!” in a stupid voice.

Praecognitvm – ‘Reminiscence’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Aquatic unease was the only way I could adequately describe this strangely captivating debut from Chilean duo Praecognitvm. Was actually pretty difficult to pick a track from the 4 on Inalienable Catharsis for this theme as the thick chorus/flange/reverby guitar sound permeates the majority of the EP. Their odd undulating sound is a bit on the raw side but the way they lean into it and let the warbling tones carry the mood along end up making it stand out from the norm. This particular track has an Icelandic starkness to it in parts; really would like to hear more from this band.

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