TMP: Oceans of Slumber, Infera Bruo, Lantern, and More!


I was thinking of something clever but my cat won’t stop breaking into the shoe closet so I have to go. Here’s some music from the last few days.

Infera Bruo bringing a solid melodic blackened track.

More of that Necrot.

Death metal from Lantern.

Some neat progressive stuff from Nug.


  • Sprain bringing that Flensercore.
  • Darkest Hour parted with guitarist.
  • Some more Oceans of Slumber.
  • Vein changed their name to Vein.FM for some goddamn reason.
  • Sumac put a bunch of noises together and called it a song.
  • Red Fang back with that crunchy stuff.
  • Post-black but also kinda doomy stuff from Svnth.
  • Obsidian Kingdom sound like decent progressive-something.
  • Phsychosomatic, thrash from the Havok guy.
  • Greg Puciato solo track.
  • As a guy who is just ok about Mastodon, this new Mastodon track is good.
  • Really grimy death from Oxalate.
  • Savage black metal from Lik.
  • Corey Taylor with some hot garbage.

There’s probably great stuff in here but I didn’t have time to check it out:

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