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Because it would just be too damn easy to order things sequentially, the USA uses the middle-endian date format. Normally, I would just write this off as just another vestige of whatever the hell it is that compels your country to remain one of the 3 that continue to adhere to the antiquated imperial system. Not today. Today is the day it all makes sense. For without this format, we wouldn’t have a day to make terrible weed-related jokes. 

Since there are practically no funny weed-related jokes left (prove me wrong in the comments section), I figured I’d do something else. As we have a few long-running series dedicated to film, I thought we could indulge our love of movies by talking about stoner films. Not strictly just the films individually but also what you think constitutes a ‘stoner movie’.

Growing up, one of my friends had a stoner Dad. We didn’t find out from him until we were about 17 and he knew his son was smoking anyway, I guess in that respect he was a responsible adult. Although, once the gates (garage door) were opened, we used to go there and smoke fairly often as it kept us off the streets. Dude was also a big film buff and had a tonne of 70’s and 80’s stuff on VHS, mostly mafia drama-type stuff, action and a bunch of classic boxing events. Turns out, his collection included Cheech & Chong’s first couple of films. Around this time in the mid-90’s a bunch of cult-classic weed-laced films were being released. For me, they were namely Half-Baked, The Big Lebowski and Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas (all released in 1998). Now while I don’t claim to be a walking database of movie knowledge, I have seen my fair share of stoner movies. Sure, there are some classics, but for the most part they’re just horrible attempts at appealing to mind-altered teens for their limited cash. Much to their detriment, most seem to simply be content to lampoon the perceived stereotypes of their target audience in the place of having any trace of plot or interesting characters. And uhhh… shit, kinda lost my train of thought here.

So, cutting to the chase, I’ve heard some conjecture about what actually constitutes a film that falls under the tag “Stoner movie.” Does the plot necessarily have to involve cannabis? Maybe you believe the movie fundamentally has to have a character who is a stoner? Some people even seem to classify any movie which may appeal to stoners as part of the genre. Where do you stand?

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