News and New Music Roundup: Between The Buried And Me, Secrets Of The Sky, Pyrrhon, Lamb of God, Old Man Gloom And More!


[Editor’s Note: Karhu has questionable opinions about things.]

Let’s not pretend we’re all friendly and you came here to chat. Cut to the chase and get to the music.

I don’t know anything about Omnia Malis Est except they play a quite clean branch of blackened metal. And sing in Italian, or possibly latin or Spanish, I can’t tell these languages from each other ’cause they all seem and sound exactly the same. But I have heard worse songs, today even, and I think you should maybe give this a chance. Or not it’s your call. Viteliu is out now.

There’s some Brazilian dudes collectively known as Rage Darkness here playing some dark prog metal for all of yins. I am digging this even though Engine of Misanthropy was supposed to be released a week ago and it’s still on pre-order over at their bandcamp page. There are elements of modern death metal meeting acoustic passages, but mostly I think the prog stamp is there because the band doesn’t really sit into any single category (rather than adventures in the jungles of compositional complexity and odd rhythms or time signatures).

More progressive metal for all of your listening pleasure. Orakle is a french unit signed to Apathia Records and this album is pretty nice if you’re one of the persons who happen to like it. A little bit of prog with some electronic avant-garden and some experimental black metal. So best described as a French band. But don’t let me keep you any longer from being pleased by this and get on it. You especially Stockhausen.

This here is some super good melodic doom metal. Obsequiae are a band obsessed with medieval things, folk melodies and such. Their roots may lie in black metal and I hear the influence of doom seeping in and the use of harp contemplates on the beauty if their songs. Occasionally bleak, sometimes sombre, Aria of Vernal Tombs best releases I’ve heard recently.

Satanath Records are releasing Corpse Garden’s Entheogenic on May 15th (so it’s already out!). It’s a furious death metal record if these preview songs are to be believed (physical release only, wimps). Death metal is a genre hard to excel in, especially if you’re not aping Swedeath. Corpse Garden aren’t and frankly I wasn’t gonna care about their songs. But then dat bass came in… Well, it’s right at home here creating an eerie and sinister vibe over their otherwise very ripping material. I think you should listen to this album right now.

Between The Buried And Me has a new video out for “The Coma Machine”. If you like gimmick prog you will probably like this song as well. And by gimmick prog, I mean the prog is the gimmick. Even though BTBAM is a band of talented people and their songwriting abilities can be heard they still opt to write weedly and deedly creations of multiple parts rather than anything I’d really enjoy but they have been getting better lately and I do like prog usually so maybe we’ll be getting over our problems in the foreseeable future. In the meanwhile you can see the video below, it’s less gimmick-y than before.

Secrets of The Sky are releasing Pathway on May 19th and you can stream it in full by stabbing here. What it basically is is progressive doom with an occasional blackened edge but fans of post-metal will feel at home with the atmospheric play as well. I mean if Neurosis or Isis were ever your thing and melodies don’t give you a rash, this could appear on your end of the year list. This is a flooring release and probably the one you should pay attention to if you are willing to check out only one release here. It’s a little more dynamic than their debut, which compliments the talents of vocalist Garret Gazay very well. Don’t Miss This.


  • Pyrrhon, who Edward interviewed recently, have put two more songs streaming from their upcoming EP, Growth Without End. You can listen to “The Mass” and “Cancer Mantra” over at their Bandcamp.
  • Lamb of God have premiered “Still Echoes” from their upcoming album VII: Sturm Und Drang. It sounds like LoG, one of their better songs I guess, but nothing to excited over. Maybe you shouldn’t take my word for it, there’s a rumour, you see, that I am not exactly a person renowned for liking things.
  • Check out these Old Man Gloom tour dates you American man.
  • Terror put out a new song. Sound Terrorible, as expected. [Editor’s Note: This fuckin’ guy.]
  • The Cradle is about to get Filthy again, check a new song here (NSFW)
  • Mastodont’s Brann the Tailor has a new band called Arcadea. They make some sort of arcade music centering around electronic music and keyboard nerdiness of Core Atoms (seriously?) and Raheem Amlani. The song “Gas Giant” has a video.
  • Pentagram’s old rehearsal of an old song is getting released on the worst of mediums (but a really cool series, so conflicted) the Flexi-disc. “Bang It Out” here in anticipation of Curious Volume, their upcoming full-length that will see them return to “heavy”.
  • Ken Mode has a new song, “Management Control“, out. It will be released through Success on June 16th.
  • Primitive Man has a new video for “Loathe“. (NSFW)
  • Burzum released a “lost” track from the Belus sessions. Check it here
  • Fuck The Facts/Fistfuck Split is finally out and the former will release a new full-length Desire Will Rot in August. Stream FTF here and Fistfuck here.
  • Alcomahole is getting fucking expensive.
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