TMP: Pissgrave, Alterage, Swallow the Sun, and More!


I think bands and labels are still getting over list-season-itis. Here are a few bits and pieces of news we dug up.

Pissgrave, in case you missed it.

Second track from the upcoming Alterage.

Ossuarium is a new word and a band. New death-doom track.

Some more Swallow The Sun.

  • Yashira’s drummer was killed in a car accident. They were one of my favorite finds from list season, very sad news.
  • Relapse announced most of the bands that will have 2019 albums for them.
  • Continuum has new musics on Spotify.
  • Blood Music is scaling down A LOT over the next few years. Running a label sounds like hell, so I don’t blame him. He hit some home runs for me over the past few years.
  • Outer Haven made a flexi track.
  • New AngleMaker.
  • What’s your happiness level about this Misery Index track preview.
  • Psycroptic, Cannabis Corpse, Gorod, Micawber will be touring. No dates yet.
  • Benighted, Hideous Divinity added to Aborted, Cryptopsy tour.
  • Another Born of Osiris sample premiered on Twitter.
  • New Aenimus is Silence of the Lambs core?
  • Korpiklaani single feat Christopher Bowes from Alestorm, if you can stomach that kinda thing.
  • New Nailed To Obscurity, album out Friday.
  • Depths of Hatred released an EP.
  • OOMPH! Is a very German thing. Can’t get more German.
  • Raven live.
  • New final Tong Po album came out at the end of the year.
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