Soilwork – Stålfågel: A Video Breakdown


*Swedish Chef sounds*

I am a big, big fan of Soilwork. You could say I “stan” them. That’s what the kids say nowadays when they like something, right? The way things move today, they probably don’t say it anymore. It’s probably something else. Roger Meyers Jr. had it right. The point is, I like the band. They almost always manage to combine good melodic metal with catchy-as-hell choruses. I can take or leave their music videos, though.

The band’s video for their song “Rejection Role” was a fun little co-video done with In Flames. The band followed up that video with something that didn’t quite hold up to the test of time and technology. Well, the band has a music video for their new song “Stålfågel” and, oh boy, it’s animated. Let’s break it down.



It’s like waiting in line at a Mindless Self Indulgence show.


Everyone knows that smell is coming from you, Gorthrak.


When someone says Krystal is better than White Castle.


It’s still better than flying on United.


The Target Regional Manager inspects the new hires.


The next time I need repairs, I’m going to ask my mechanic to punch my car a few times.


“I told you guys! It wasn’t me!”

“We totally know it was you, Gorthrak!”


Maybe next time, don’t drop off a bunch of buff engineers on a planet with a killer space ship on it.


And that’s how Scientology was born.


Soilwork’s new album VERKLIGHETEN is out on January 11th via Nuclear Blast Records.

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