TMP: Pyrrhon, BCI, Kairon; IRSE!, and More!


I think this is my first week in 3ish years with a semicolon in the title.


New Black Crown Initiate is pretty ok.

Dusty faves, Kairon; IRSE!, released a track. It’s a trippin good time!

Still need to listen in full, but very intrigued by this prog death from Nug.

Gothy stuff from Executioner’s Mask.

  • Death from Don’t Ahtme.
  • The poppier project from the guy behind Zeal & Ardor, Bird Mask, has a new track.
  • Abysmal Dawn covered Candlemass’ “Bewitched”
  • Doom from Northern Crown.
  • Tech from Dessiderium.
  • Adult Swim single from Low Estate.
  • Ambient stuff from a Neurosis guy.
  • More doom from Pale Divine.
  • Sludgy stuff from Pale Horseman.
  • Ulver announced a new album coming August 28.
  • Misha Mansoor is releasing a buttload of Bulb stuff over time.
  • Forget what year it is with new Powerman 5000.
  • Brutal death stuff from Ominous Scriptures.
  • Spooky Skeleton.
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