Hey you! Listen to Tyranny Enthroned!


Check out a band that is quickly climbing the ranks of my “favorite bands” list.

Let me tell you a little story about how I discovered Tyranny Enthroned. It was shortly after I had received my first batch of holiday pay and like any good metalhead, I was giving all of it to Bandcamp purchases. I then somehow, through the distractions of the internet, ended up watching a Youtube video of some tech-death band. I say “some tech-death band”, because I don’t remember what the band was. The reason I don’t remember? Tyranny Enthroned! Yes, they managed to make ME forget about a tech death band and I still to this day don’t know what that band was. It’s all thanks to this video for “Born Of Hate”:

Naturally, after hearing how surprisingly good that was, my interest was piqued. I saw that this video was from 2012 and wondered if they had released anything else. I ended up finding their Bandcamp and learning that they had in fact recently released their sophomore album. What luck! I clicked play on that album and the rest is history. I’m now a proud owner of everything these guys have done.

Tyranny Enthroned are a blackened death metal band from St. Louis, who have released two albums so far – Born Of Hate and Our Great Undoing respectively. Their debut album is phenomenal and the sophomore is even better than. When I listen to their music I’m reminded of Behemoth and Vader. Their riffs are definitely influenced by black metal as is the overall tone of the record, while drumming and vocals are on the death metal side of the spectrum. The vocals specifically remind me of Abysmal Dawn. I also happen to dig the fuck out of their guitar tone. It makes riffs like the one in the beginning of “Born of Hate” that much better. Now, as we all know, combining black metal and death metal is nothing new, and a lot of bands do it. So it’s not like Tyranny Enthroned are reinventing the wheel or anything, but they are taking said wheel and bringing it that much closer to perfection. These guys could have just stopped right there and settled for making solid black/death metal music, but that wasn’t enough for them. I’m stoked that this is the case, because a good amount of their tracks have some damn fine groove to them and even a bit of technicality going on as well. Check out one of my favorites from Our Great Undoing, “The Incubus” which is a perfect example of everything that comprises their sound:

The band released Born Of Hate independently in 2013 and Our Great Undoing via Blast Head Records in 2014. So, maybe they will continue to follow that pattern and release another album in 2015? I guess we have to wait and see. One thing is for sure, if they keep going at this rate they are gonna get big fast. At least they should. You can get their music on their Bandcamp here and here. As always, don’t forget to give ’em a like on Facebook.

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