FiF: 100% Support – Support These Bands That Are Supporting Others


On June 5th, Bandcamp will once again waive their percentage of proceeds, so that 100% of the money goes directly to the artists. We’ll be spending the week highlighting some releases that you might want to throw money at to help the creators through these shittiest of times.

Today, Bandcamp is once again waiving their fees so that all the money from purchases goes directly to the bands. Over the past few months, Bandcamp day has been widely used to help support bands who have been adversely effected by the global pandemic. With the current *points to everything in all directions and then putting my face in my hands* many bands and labels have vowed to donate any money they make on Bandcamp Day to various legal funds and charities. Here is just a small list of these groups and the charities that they are donating their proceeds. Bandcamp has put together their own list. Pitchfork and Alternative Control too. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a massive list of black producers, artists, and labels that you can directly support .If you can, please consider all of these in your purchases and if you have the means, donate directly to the charities as well.

Absolute Contempt Records – Protester bail funds

AdzesNorthwest Community Bail Fund

Aeons and MonumentsEMW Women’s Surgical Centre

Amy RoseBlack Trans Femmes In The Arts, E.A.T., Snap 4 Freedom

Astral WitchNational Bail Fund

AxeslasherThe Bail Project

AzathNational Bail Fund

BaskReclaim The Block

Beyond GraceNational Police Accountability Project

Blight HouseKnow Your Rights Camp

Body Void – Bail funds

Born With HairMinnesota Freedom Fund

Brutal Panda Records compilationCampaign Zero

By Fire & SwordNational Bail Fund

CainaMinnesota Freedom Fund

Carrion MothThe Liberty Fund

ChronologistAustin Justice Coalition

Clouds CollideBail funds

ConciliumNational Bail Fund

ConvergeNAACP Legal Defense Fund

Couch SlutBlack Trans Femmes In The Arts, E.A.T., Snap 4 Freedom

Coven Of The Pestilent OneBlack Trans Protestors Emergency Fund

CulledNational Bail Fund

CultistNational Bail Fund

CupBrooklyn Bail Fund / Black Trans Advocacy Coalition

Dark TheoryReclaim The Block

Daughters – Community bail funds

Dawn Ray’dBail Funds

Dead NeanderthalsMinnesota Freedom Fund

DomestikwomCalgary Black Empower Fund

DrainbowCommunity Bail Fund Of North Texas

Dry Cough RecordsCommunity Bail funds, Mutual Aid funds, Racial Justice orgs

EmblemNational Bail Fund

Extinction  – Black Lives Matter/Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

Ezra BrooksNational Bail Fund

Faith In Failure – Rochester Black Lives Matter

FalsehoodNational Bail Fund

FeminazgûlNational Bail Fund

Fer de LanceNational Bail Fund

Fishslaughter – Community Bail Funds

FreighterOakland Alliance / Campaign Zero / People’s Breakfast Oakland / East Oakland Collective

Fuzznaut – Minnesota Freedom Fund

GatekeeperNorthwest Community Bail Fund

Ghost Cop – Mutual aid/bail bond/legal funds

GhoulThe Bail Project

GlacierViolence in Boston

GozuActBlue Bail Fund Split

Great FallsManuel Ellis’ GoFundMe / Black Lives Matter Seattle

GridfailureBlack Lives Matter

HauntNational Bail Fund

HäxanNational Bail Fund

HitterNational Bail Fund

Hoove Child RecordsNational Bail Fund

HORROR VACUINational Bail Fund

HorseburnerThe Bail Project

Hydra Head Records – Community bail funds

IapetusCampaign Zero / Legal funds

IceaxeColorado Freedom Fund

I Hope You Suffer Podcast – Bail funds

KarnsteinReclaim The Block

Kayo DotBlack Vision Collective

KnollMemphis Bail Fund

Lady BeastNational Bail Fund

Lightning BornNational Bail Fund

Lich KingNational Bail Fund

Locust LeavesNational Bail Fund

Lunar CultBlack Lives Matter

MalditaNational Bail Fund

Mandible KlawNational Bail Fund

Marissa NadlerThe Loveland Foundation

MegacolossusNational Bail Fund

Mother AnxietyPDX Protest Bail Fund

Mother Iron HorseActBlue Bail Fund Split

Music For Solidarity compilationBlack Lives Matter Portland

NÄH!Justice For Yuendumu

NequientNAACP Legal Defense Fund

Nomadic War MachineNational Bail Fund

NucleusNational Bail Fund

ObsequiaeNational Bail Fund

Old IronBlack Lives Matter Seattle

Old Man GloomMultiple charities

OlórinNational Bail Fund

Pale MareNational Bail Fund

PallbearerBlack Lives Matter

PelicanColor Of Change

PhryneMassachusetts Bail Fund

Rank and VilePDX Protest Bail Fund

RavensireNational Bail Fund

RavenousNational Bail Fund

Ripped to ShredsNational Bail Fund

River JacksNational Bail Fund

Robotic Empire – Community bail funds

Rough SpellsNational Bail Fund

Sacred Bones RecordsThe Loveland Foundation

Sacred SonActBlue Bail Fund Split

Sallow Moth – Bail funds

SedimentumBlack Lives Matter

SeaViolence in Boston

Several WivesBlack Lives Matter

Slaves BCBail funds, Mutual Aid funds, and Racial Justice orgs

SmoulderNational Bail Fund

Snow BurialChicago Bond Fund / Brave Space Alliance / 8CantWait

Sparrow Heart Records – BLM charities

Spider KittenNAACP Legal Defense Fund

Spectral LoreNational Bail Fund

StonecuttersActBlue Bail Fund Split

SunwolfNational Bail Fund Project

SvalbardSARI / Black Minds UK

Terzij de HordeBlack Visions Collective

Th’Sheridans – Bail and Mutual Aid funds

The Flenser – Community bail funds

The Isosceles ProjectNational Bail Fund

The Vomit ArsonistThe Bail Project

Third ChamberNational Bail Fund

This Mortal MountainMinnesota Freedom Fund / Bukit Bail Fund of Pittsburgh

ThorazineNational Bail Fund

ThronehammerNational Bail Fund

Throne of IronNational Bail Fund

ToLiveALie – Bail funds

TomarumAtlanta Solidarity Fund

TovarishKnow Your Rights Camp

Trace AmountBrooklyn Community Bail Fund

Tridroid RecordsBlack Lives Matter/National Bail Out/Know Your Rights Camp/more

Utech RecordsMinnesota Freedom Fund

VarahaThe Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression

Venom PrisonThe Bail Project

Vile CreatureBail funds

Violet Cold – Aiding protestors

Voidbloom – Bail funds

Void KingIndy10 Black Lives Matter

VölurNational Bail Fund

VulgariteNational Bail Fund

Weed DemonNAACP

White CroneEqual Justice Initiative

WildspeakerCampaign Zero

WitnessesEqual Justice Initiative

Yes, OfficerBlack Visions Collective

ZealotryNational Bail Fund


Open your wallets and open your hearts.

Spear note: If you are aware of any other bands, artists, or labels making donations that we missed, post their info below. Otherwise, it’s Friday; post your hauls, talk about your week, let us know what’s good.

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