TMP: Tribulation, Beneath the Massacre, Raised By Owls, and More!


It’s the most somethingest time of the year.

Brutal tech from Beneath The Massacre.

Death from Baest.

New Tribulation.

  • Dream Theater / King Crimson members doing another Liquid Tension Experiment album. I enjoyed those as a wee child.
  • Bell Witch/Aerial Ruin, WIITR, and Blood Incantation EU tour that might happen in the fall.
  • Space doom from Spelljammer.
  • New track from Raised By Owls ( feat members of Bolt Thrower/Memoriam, Slugdge, Benediction and like 37 other bands). 100% of the proceeds from purchasing the song go to Crisis, a UK based charity working to help fight homelessness.
  • Orchestra metal from Fleshgod NOpocalypse.
  • Blind Guardian did a Christmas song.
  • Noisy stuff from Black Magnet.
  • 20 Buck grind from Gravesend.
  • New wild tech track from Abiotic featuring Entheos vocalist.
  • Trailer for Nasum final concert documentary.
  • Napalm Records acquired SPV (Steamhammer & Long Branch Records).
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