End 2017 With The TovH Community Song Of The Year Playlist


A collection of your fave songs from 2017 in one neat playlist!

In the tradition of times gone by we asked for your favourite song of the year and assembled them into YouTube playlist for you to jam on during the holiday period. As a result of the Gregorian Calendar proving useful for a change (albeit inadvertently), this week’s Sunday Sesh has fallen on the final day of the year. This means you can hit play on this collection of weird/wonderful/wonky/windmill-worthy music and flush away the septic stool that was 2017.

What are your plans for the night? What was your fave song (yes, singular) of the year? Did you read enough of that pamphlet about macular degeneration? Are you sure? Discuss your health ailments in uncomfortable detail below, and remember –

Have a big dumb New Year’s Eve and we’ll see you all on the other side!

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