I’ve done 113 episodes of this godforsaken show. I’ve been ridiculed and ghosted by world-famous metal musicians. I’ve been been insulted and embarrassed by my cohosts. But I have never, ever been owned this hard. On this episode Joe and 365 are invaded and displaced by a couple of LADIES. They’re getting together and talking about their experiences as women enjoying metal despite the many, many forces in the genre trying to get them to stop doing that. Take a listen to some of their stories about violent metal shows, gatekeeping creeps, and…. Anime? What in tarnation?! Also, because we’re desperate narcissists, Joe and 365 take over the second half of the show to talk about media conglomeration in metal and weepy black metal/model train enthusiasts. This episode kicks an insane amount of ass.

Music featured on this show:
Svalbard – “Unpaid Intern” from It’s Hard to Have Hope

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