Toilet Radio 287 – Donut Friend is My Donut Enemy


This week your boys decide they need new names, so please welcome Brenocide, Joe Thrasnkool, and uhhhh… 365 Days of Horror. Breno remembers Alexi Laiho (1979-2020) and music that impacted us in high school. We’re delving into the punk rock donut shop union busting going on by former Drive Like Jehu drummer and punk producer Mark Trombino. Not very punk rock! Joe tracked down an old external hard drive and we’re talking about the CANCELLED MySpace-era shit we used to listen to that is thankfully lost to the sands of time, old MP3 players increasing in value, and other Old Ways in Music. Finally, we’re talking about Jon Schaffer getting arrested and speculating WILDLY on what will happen next (with a musical contribution). It’s a good one.

Music featured on this episode:
FULCIZombie Slam Squad

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(The image up top is from Attack of the Killer Donuts, a movie I have not yet seen but features the acting talents of C. Thomas “Soul Man” Howell so uhhhh ymmv)

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