Track Premiere: Void Rot – Telluric Dismemberment


‘Tis a proud Toilet tradition!

Yes indeed, the Toilet has happily premiered tracks from every release by Minnesota death doomers Void Rot so far, and I definitely knew that when I agreed to do this and definitely did not confuse them with one of the two Crypt Rots (nor any of the other 154 “rot” bands – of which Fröst Rot and Possum Rot sound the most promising).

Given that I knew what I was in for, I obviously did not frantically scour Lacertilian’s previous premieres for something to say, so you’ll believe me that I’ve always agreed with our resident lizardman that Void Rot really chose their name well. Floating through all-encompassing black nothingness outside of time until the darkness itself infects and corrodes your body—not because it’s paricularly malevolent, but because that’s just what it does—until you slowly decompose over the course of eons is a pretty adequate image for the atmosphere that the band continues to conjure with “Telluric Dismemeberment” from their upcoming EP.

While storming out of the gate with surprising force and returning to brief bursts of speed later on, the track spends most of its duration bathing you in a mid-tempo mire of churning guitars accompanied by busy, but never overbearing drumwork. Vocals sporting a newly acquired, well-fitting coat of reverb emanate from somewhere deep below like miasmic plumes, and together, they start chipping away at the minuscule mass of tissue that is you.

Void Rot’s self-titled EP will be released on July 22nd via Everlasting Spew. Check in on the band here and the label here.

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