Toilet Radio 195: The Decline of Toilet Civilization


Society is bullshit, maaan. On this week’s episode we’re tracking Manowar Meltdown 2k19 (with special guest, Joey DeMaio’s mom). But that’s not all! We’re talking about Nuclear Blast signing everyone’s favorite Christian/Attempted Wife Murdering Metalcore band, As I Lay Dying and the moral failings of an insane amount of people that let that happen. We’re discussing Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson’s pivot to TED Talk #branding coach and Joe gets insanely angry about the concept of brands. Did you stick with us through those segments? GOOD. Because then we watched Penelope Spheeris’ The Decline of Western Civilization Part 1. We got an eyeful of Los Angeles punk circa 1980 and had a pretty good time with it! X was a pretty cool band! Germs are somehow considered legendary! Lee Ving is a crazy person! It’s a good ass show, y’all.

Music featured on this show:
Tristengrav – Tower of Silence from II Nychavgé

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