Toilet Radio 363 – A Loving Tribute to Obscure Bands


This week your boys shake off the stank of last week’s mercifully unreleased episode with a very special THEMED episode of Toilet Radio. We’re sharing some music from a few of our favorite “obscure” bands. What does “obscure” even mean in the Internet era? I’m glad you asked! We discuss obscurity, the corpse of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ronnie Radke’s 49th birthday, and our stories behind all these bands on the show today. FOLKS, I am pleased to inform you that it is IN FACT a good one.

Music on this ‘sode:
Holy Dragons – Ragnarok
Lilitu – Follow Through
R.A.M.B.O. – Sophomore Effort
Bedroom Rehab Corporation – When All You’ve Got is a Hammer
The Loveless – Follow
The Endless BlockadeClean and Prone/Thick Skin, Transparent Blood/Death to Spies/Pig Life

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