Toilet Radio 439 – The Shredderz Have Fallen


This week on Toilet Radio: We check in on THE SHREDDERZ who released a new single with Brandon Ellis of the Black Dahlia Murder last week. It is crashing and burning to the fucking ground. Great job! / Dani Filth is sick of getting screwed by Spotify, can’t afford cat bills / Dee Snider continues to cry about cancel culture, this time with a Fox News interview / Let’s look at some new festival lineups (New England Metal and Hardcore Fest and Metal Injection Fest) and try to figure out where exactly the broader genre of metal is going / Ash from Sumerian is ALL IN on something called “Robert F Kennedy Jr” who claims to be “running for president”. Sounds like bullshit to me! / Finally, Rammstein’s drummer has adopted the house style of using vaguely social progressive language to deny that his bandmate drugged and raped a woman. It’s an episode! Next week we’re watching The Decline Part 2. 

Music featured on this ‘sode:
Blight House – Cryptid Cutie

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