This Toilet TuWednesday (6/21/23)


The sight of the argent gutbucket promises relief—finally, the possibility of purging, the end of stilted walking and clenched muscle. This week we’ve got a nice blackened crust on the inner ear, symphonic prog bands with more members than Slipknot (probably), and the first dungeon synth album that’s not about LotR. Get the flippers out, this is bound to be a deep dive.

Thornafire – Leprosario Lazareto (Great Dane Records) [Blackened Death]

When discussing South American extreme metal, you’re certain to stumble on a few concepts, such as not entrying, burneding, and dying. The ferocity of regional thrash and black metal bands is legendary; however, pristinely-produced melodeath is in relatively short supply. Chile’s Thornafire combines tech thrash’s staccato riffing with anthemic death metal into a style that’s both accessible and ready to rip your heart from your chest. And who am I to keep this thing caged up? -Roldy

Abused Majesty – Proxima Inferni (Independent) [Symphonic Meloblack]

Angel of Suicide – Rooms of Expectations (Independent) [DSBM]

Asphalt – E.P. (Independent) [Sludge / Doom]

Autua Sagas – Pikajulkasiu. (Independent) [Metalcore]

Autumn Woods – Blade Runner (Independent) [Melodeath/Doom]

Blackning – Awakening Rage (Black Lion Records) [Thrash]

Chaos Reborn – Dreams of Grey (Independent) [Melodeath]

Darkest Escort – Feast in Time of Plague (Independent) [Symphonic Prog / Instrumental]

DeathCollector – Death’s Toll (Prosthetic Records) [Death]

Degrees of Truth – A L C H E M I S T S (Scarlet Records) [Symphonic Prog]

Dipygus – Wet Market (Frozen Screams Imprint) [Death]

Endless Ruin – Conquered Trinity (Independent) [Death / Crossover Thrash]

Entering Polaris – Atlantean Shores/And Silently the Age Did Pass (Dutch Music Works) [Power Prog]

Erythrite Throne – Cursed to Wander the Shadowland Eternal (Serpent’s Sword Records) [Dungeon Synth]

Fear Factory – Re-Industrialized (Nuclear Blast) [Industrial / Groove]

Forged in Black – Lightning in the Ashes (Fighter Records) [Heavy Metal]

Fullgore – Hexagon (Independent) [Death / Groove]

Gangrenous Flesh Consumption – Vile Ingurgitation Of Suppurated Limbs (Lord Of The Sick Recordings) [Brutal Death / Slam]

Green Labyrinth – Sequences (Fastball Music) [Symphonic / Groove]

Haradrim – Death of Idols (Trust No One Recordings) [Black / Crust]

Helgrind/Hrafnsmerki/Náströnd – The Pagan Trinity (Masters of Kaos Productions) [Black]

High Priest – Invocation (Magnetic Eye Records) [Stoner Doom]

Infinity – The Untamed Hunger (Immortal Frost Productions) [Black]

Jag Panzer – The Hallowed (Atomic Fire Records) [Trad/Heavy]

Jernlov – Resurrection (Nordic Mission) [Symphonic Black]

Khnvm – Visions of a Plague Ridden Sky (Neckbreaker Records) [Blackened Death]

Kollaps\e/Mouthless/Terror Cósmico – Verse (Harsh Productions) [Blackened Death / Sludge]

Krigsgrav – Fires in the Fall (Wise Blood Records) [Blackened Death]

Leathürbitch – Shattered Vanity (Shadow Kingdom Records) [Glam / Speed]

Lithik – Geomorphology (Independent) [Gothic Heavy Metal?]

Luminous Veil – Morbid Rubicon (BMC Productions) [Symphonic Blackened Death]

Membrance – Undead Island (Extreme Metal Music) [Death]

Mental Cruelty – Zwielicht (Extreme Metal Music) [Symphonic Deathcore]

Mothman and The Thunderbirds – Gazer (Independent) [Nu-Metal / Sludge]

Mountain Hermit/The Last Weapon – Echoes of Enigma: A Journey Through Shadowed Realms (Independent) [Black]

Night Mother – In Beautiful Sorrow (Independent) [Sludge/Doom]

Obscure Form – The Infinite Unknown (Independent) [Prog Death]

Onheil – In Black Ashes (Black Lion Records) [Melodic Blackened Death]

Persekutor – Snow Business (Blues Funeral Recordings) [Black ‘n Roll]

Phantom Corporation – Fallout (Independent) [Death / Crust]

Phoebus the Knight – The Cursed Lord (Independent) [Symphonic Metal]

Pylar – L​í​myte (Cavsas) [Doom / Post-Metal]

Pyramaze – Bloodlines (AFM Records) [Power Prog]

Rage and Fire – The Last Wolf (AFM Records) [Power Prog]

Rainer Landfermann – Mehr Licht (Independent) [Avant-garde Metal]

Snorlax – The Necrotrophic Abyss (Brilliant Emperor Records) [Blackened Death]

Søppelskaler – Miasmic Wildfire (Shadow Speculum Productions) [Black]

Soul Grinder – Filth Encrusted (Independent) [Doom / Heavy Metal]

Stinking Lizaveta – Anthems and Phantoms (Exile on Mainstream Records) [Prog Doom / Instrumental]

Stray Gods – Olympus (Rock of Angels Records) [NWoBHM / Power]

Structural – Decrowned (ViciSolum Records) [Prog Death]

Subterranean Disposition – Individuation (Hypnotic Dirge Records) [Prog Death/Doom]

Sworn – A Journey Told Through Fire (Independent) [Meloblack]

Táltos – A rem​é​ny kora (Independent) [Folk / Black]

Titanosaur – The World Is On Fire (The Swamp Records) [Hard Rock / Heavy Metal]

Unjustice – Apathy Disease (Dissonant Death Records) [Thrash]

Uzlaga – The Sunken Seer (Blackmetalgram) [Black]

Vaurien – L​’​esprit et le b​é​ton (Blackmetalgram) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

Zenek Kupatasa – Rezyliencja II – Jakie to jest pi​ę​kne (Independent) [Groove / Folk]

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