Toilet Radio 496 – The Little Text on the Big Fest


This week on Toilet Radio: It’s festival season! We’re looking at the big U.S. tours throughout the Midwest to the South and exploring the small-text bands are starting to creep up across these lineups. We all know the crowd is there to see your Disturbeds, your Panteras, and your what-have-yous. But what about the little guys? We take a listen to 18 bands from these lineups to see what hot new acts will be the headliners of tomorrow. Legitimately, I think one or two of these have what it takes to make it in the music business to the collective chagrin of the music-enjoying public. Come and join us for these trips through the Rockvilles, Rocklahomas, Blue Ridge Rock Fests, etc. etc. etc. of the year. It’s a good one.

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Music featured on this ‘sode:
Lots and lots of abysmal tunes

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