Riff ov the Week: Gallop Edition


Sup. Welcome to first ever Sunday riff of the week. There’s no real reason behind this other than I ate so much tikki masala that I actually lost track of what day it was. If any of you are ever in the area, Indian food is on me. I don’t mean I’ll pay for your Indian food, I mean that more often than not, I am rubbing Indian food onto my body.

We’re doing gallop riffs this week. If you submitted and your riff isn’t here, there are three possibilities as to why:

  1. It’s not even remotely close to a gallop riff, dude.
  2. It’s an Iron Maiden riff (that’s cheating, remember?).
  3. I suck.*

*While undoubtedly true, this is not necessarily the correct answer to the question.

Last week, The Mean Green Dean Machine swooped in to reclaim his belt, then soared back over the horizon to a place unreachable to us – the fabled land of responsibility.


Next week:

  • I have heard your cries. Next week, we will be doing bass guitar riff ov the week.
  • Send your bass riffs to toiletovhell@gmail.com. Include a link, the time of the riff, your Disqus handle, and an explanation.
  • If you have an idea for a theme, send that to me too.



I could have and probably should have gone with any number of classic galloping riffs or one of my 25 favorites from Slough Feg. I have, however, chosen a path less traveled. I like Týr. I like new Týr, too. (Please don’t) fight me. This one starts building at around 1:07, and when you hear the mighty neigh of the steed – listen closely – your ass is riding into battle whether you like it or not. But please like it.



I present you all with the best gallop riff not written by Iron Maiden. Starts at 0:20.


Ted Nü-Djent

The Underground Resistance was my surprise hit of 2013. I hadn’t kept up to date with Darkthrone and when I heard this I was surprised that such a band could release such a fun album. The riff starts at 2:20 and continues on for about a minute.


Lobster Attack

As usual, this riff is best served by listening to the song from the beginning. Jump to 2:55 if you’re impatient. Either way, though, how can it not make you want to ride around the Highlands, conquering and pillaging?


Zeke… or Isaac; whatever

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen anyone mention master glue sniffer W.G. Steer on riff of the week. Time to remedy that. I know some people think Carcass got soft on Heartwork, but the riff that starts about 6 seconds in is a total banger… it gallops too.


Maik Beninton

Here’s the quintessential galloping riff at 0:37 and throughout the song.



If I need to tell you which riff it is you need to reconsider your whole existence, fam.


Ron Deuce

Pig Destroyer doesn’t gallop much but when they do you get trampled. Hit play, get stomped.



Behold the mother of all gallop riffs. You should be ashamed of yourself if you don’t know which riff I’m talking about and may you metal kred be flushed for all eternity.


Kim Jong Whatever

Well, can’t get more galloping than this!



Ahhh, the ever-mighty gallop riff. I know there are going to be at least half a dozen entries that are either Slayer’s Raining Blood or Meshuggah’s Bleed, so here’s on of my all-time favorites, the first (and main) riff in Morbid Angel‘s Summoning Redemption. Notice how the guitar in the left channel is playing the same notes as the one in the right, but the former is doing straight tremolo picking while the latter is playing triplet gallops. This riff is flawless, period.


Nordling Rites ov Karhu

0:48. Galloping riffs and no Maiden? Then I’ll be up all night galloping hard ON YOUR FACE. – ♫


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