Chilling With Fishes Vol. 1


Blast beats, putrid riffs and vile screeches are not everything in a man’s life. I write this for all y’all that write “chilling” as their first interest in an online dating profile.

Toro y Moi put out one of the most chill albums of 2015, no doubt about it. While writing my graduation thesis earlier this year, What For? was in constant rotation, making those long all-nighters much less taxing. I should have probably shared this album with you earlier in the summer, because it’s a perfect example of warm weather music. There’s a lot of 70s influence in these pop songs, but Toro has that sort of intangible quality that makes his tracks sound unique and fresh. His guitar tone is very enjoyable, bright and shimmering. Listen to “Buffalo” below.

I just heard this track from HONNE. Apparently they’re a duo from London that’s set to release an EP entitled Over Lover on September 2nd. There’s an interesting contrast going on in “Loves The Jobs You Hate”, considering how the theme and vocal delivery seems to clash with the upbeat instrumentals. It all comes together in the song’s hook, which is destined to be on your brain all day. I love the bass and drums on this.

Moving away from pop and into much more psychedelic territory, Eternal Tapestry just put out a killer album for relaxation in Wild Strawberries. This is not going to sound like a compliment, but it actually is – it’s been a long time since I heard such a good album for staring at the ceiling. Float in and out of consciousness as the band gravitates between ambience and riffage over a sprawling length of 1 hour and 18 minutes. Listening to some of the songs in this LP I have the sensation of laying down on a cool, soft bed – and being engulfed by it. This feeling is best captured in the album’s title track and in “Enchanter’s Nightshade”.

I recommend that you actually play these songs individually, only on those times of the day you feel like drifting off for a while. Unless you’re, like, a professional chiller or something.


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