Track Premiere: Burial Hordes – “In The Midst Of A Vast Solitude”


Amidst your midst.

Since I started writing here, I’ve become particularly accustomed to a regular gift drop of goodies from the assiduous aberrants at Transcending Obscurity, keeping me well-fed on weirdo technical esoterica and marginalia. Most of the attention goes to the out-there gonzo stuff, but there’s also plenty of room for the more tastefully adorned genre-loyal outings, the kinds who can sandblast your skin and still have some savoir faire to spare. Metal could use more labels like TO, and TO could use more bands like Burial Hordes. Is there anything tighter than a winding serpent of a tremolo fraying away into a softly arpeggiated measure where the distortion is tuned just right to bay and whine like an infernal mongrel? Shit, not if “In The Midst Of A Vast Solitude” is your benchmark.

Burial Hordes come in heavy but let the isolation crash in around you all the heavier. Have a close listen to the central line and you can even detect the same dissonant accent inflecting up in anticipation. Nothing gets me like extreme riffs that actually share connective tissue instead of just gluing together one chromatic low-register sprint after another. To wit, the song’s tendons wreathe around each other like scything tendrils. Be it a fluke or a fine discovery, there’s three more albums of these dudes to check back on, and exciting as that is, I feel another sort of way about only catching them on my sensors today. Ashamed? Of course I am.

Burial Hordes will release Ruins on June 9th through Transcending Obscurity Records.

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