UADA – Cult Of A Dying Sun: A Video Breakdown


UADA know.

Portland, Oregon’s UADA have been creating a lot of buzz recently with their most recent release Cult Of A Dying Sun. Their style of melodic black metal has plenty of cross genre appeal, especially for people that are generally wary of the broader genre. It’s not all tremelololol or being a dipshit. More power to them.

The band has a new music video for the title track of their new album. Black metal videos can be real hit or miss. I had previously never considered thinking of UADA as a “music video” type band. Do they go minimalist or expansive? The description for the video says “Cult of a Dying Sun” was filmed on the active stratovolcano Mt. St. Helens (Louwala-Clough) in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest – Skamania County, Washington. Including Iron Creek Falls, Windy Ridge Viewpoint, Norway Pass & Spirit Lake.” They went expansive. Let’s break it down.



I’ll lose my mind if they bust out a black metal version of “Arabian Nights”


Awwwwoooo werewolves of Portland!

*screaming Jimmy Barnes voice*


If he has to hear one more “You must be horny” joke, he’s going to snap.


They’re a stiff breeze away from being down 2 members.


Touchdoooooooonnnnoowwwwwnnnn Jötunns!


Throw in a top hat, a candelabra, and some purple curtains and we’ve got a Moonspell video.


Ewwwwww. Sour Cream & Onion breath!


Hello, me. Meet the real me.


Sure, you love chicken fingers, but you don’t want to see how they’re made.


UADA’s album Cult Of A Dying Sun is available now via Eisenwald .

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