Video Premiere: Onryō – “Oni”


If you somehow missed our recent features on Onryō‘s psychotic EP of anarchic grind in the vein of Psyopus, Seminary, and Oblivionized, then here’s your last chance to get in on ground level.

So a couple of months back we ran streams from the Italian band’s debut EP Mūto, and just taking a quick glance at their Bandcamp page I can see a heap of familiar faces have wisely picked this brain-melting cacophony already. But on the off-chance that you were left a paralytic bag of plasma after being exposed to the explosive bursts of this veritable sonic pulsar, today we’ve got an exclusive visual seizure for you to snap your synapses to.

Here’s the most articulate thing I could manage to blurt out after hearing this insanity the first time around:

Featuring an intense performance from Giulio Gilati (Hideous Divinity and Nero Di Marte) on drums, these four tracks possess the kind of anxiety attack inducing urgency of Oblivionized and Seminary. You never know what to expect throughout the duration of the EP, I’ve spun it on repeat the last couple of days and am now tolerant to all known anxiolytics. Mainlining melatonin might be the only way to get a decent sleep from here on in. Mūto is a chaotic conglomerate where jazzy chord stabs punctuate flittering discordant runs and heavy-as-fuck deathgrind riffing, all fluidly composed with the fretboard versatility of someone as adept as genre-master Gunface (The Red Chord).

In case my acclaim wasn’t enough for you to check this out, the venerable Dubya also gave it a glowing review when we streamed the EP a month or so ago. Rather than pick my favourite quote from his trenchant analysis, I’ve taken a bunch of choice excerpts and pasted them here out of context. Guess I’m a qualified journalist now?

  • eternal maelstrom of super dense oblivion
  • 13 of the most vicious minutes of grind and mathcore ever unleashed
  • impossibly fast and impossibly furious
  • an unabating wave of all-consuming, mass-obliterating energy
  • four track grinder that distills the rampant gluttony of grind and the abrasive subversion of mathcore into a single super-density
  • skronkadelic cacophony
  • There’s no coming back from this
  • Endless, pulverizing heaviness

What else is there to say? Maybe don’t watch this if you are prone to epileptic fits, just jam it in your ear holes instead.

You can pick up Mūto on CD through Everlasting Spew Records or grab a digital copy through their bandcamp page. Also, keep up to date with the band on their Facebook page and while you’re there you can bill Everlasting Spew for the medical costs incurred as a result of this lunacy.

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