10 Photos of Metal Musicians on the Toilet


It’s what it says on the label.

Some days I fancy myself a writer. Some days I consider myself a lowly blogger. Today, I am truly the former. This week’s podcast included a discussion about our memories of print metal publications. I recalled repeatedly seeing an image of Kirk Hammett playing acoustic guitar while taking a shit. Here’s that photo:

Not sure why this photo was taken aside from the fact that Kirk Hammett’s presence can sell the hell out of some guitar magazines so he can do pretty much anything he wants. Apparently Kirk has a thing for playing guitar while pooping cuz this photo from many years earlier also exists:

It’s not just Kirk that enjoys squeezing one out while shredding away. Check out this elegant photo series of James Hetfield playing a little guitar while dropping The Thing That Should Not Be.

Being in Metallica does something strange to a man’s mind. Here’s a photo of a long-forgotten former member of the band composing a future album to be titled Risk.

This photo collection isn’t just about Metallica. I found hundreds of photos of Rob Trujillo squatting, but sadly none were above a commode. Fortunately, I found this photo of Ozzy barking* at the moon**


Here’s internet sensation Sarah Longfield djenting atop the porcelain throne while still wearing pants. If pooping your pants is cool, consider her Miles Davis.

Here’s two dudes from a band called In Death. I’ve never heard of them before finding these photos. I’d listen to their music but I only allotted five minutes to write this post.

This is a rare photo of Galder of Dimmu Borgir.

Here’s Saint Vincent shredding while BEING a toilet. Inspirational!

Finally, I found an old photo of Frank Zappa plonking away sometime in the late 60s or early 70s. Consider this the patient zero for all other pooping photo ops.

Do you know of any other rare photos of musicians jamming while dropping a deuce? Share them in the comments.

Images via (Megan Barron, Amanda Brenchley)

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