Flush it Friday: An Owl’s Confession


Listen friends, for these words shan’t leave my beak aloud again. Back when I was a brooding fledgling, -core was a dirty bird word, an affront to the TRVENESS of bands like Iced Earth, Nevermore and Carcass. From the dopey breakdowns to the whiney choruses, it was all a bit too corny. (Only the finest fountains of cheese from Matt Barlow’s mouth could satiate me in the early ’00s.)

I grew up a bit, took flight from the obnoxious certainty of youth, and today, well, all I can say is most of my favorite records from 2020 are adjacent to (if not explicitly) metalcore. From Eden to Exile, Wastewalker (and more recently, Omniarch) are making tunes so fierce they could strip (corpse)paint. This was all a long-winded way of saying: stop being a stupid metal nerd, give things a fair chance and they may lead to unexpected pleasures.

Now, here are the pleasures we all know we can expect, week after week, from your Toilet boiz:

SLNC uprised again with Uprising‘s esoterically named second album, II:

Review: Uprising – II

Lacertilian premiered that Finnish Doom to start your day off in abject misery:

Premiere: Convocation – ‘The Absence Of Grief’

Karhu kept doing the thing I swore no sane person could do:

Napalm Records Roundup: Sojourner, Hällas & Grave Digger

365 proved to be quite the trooper for slogging through these Maiden bootlegs:

Shirt Stains: Iorn Miaden

You better G/B/U, there’s no turning back!

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