Five Metal Moments that were Bad and Not Good


All real metal heads agree that these METAL moments were totally NOT metal, which is to say not good!

Being a METALHEAD is totally bitchin’! There’s nothing more fun than HEADBANDGING and listening to THE SLAAAAYER. Heavy Metal music is the best music. Pop and Rap are not good music. But sometimes bad things happen with the good music and we have to think about those bad things with Internet listicles. Here are five things that are bad and not good!

Cliff Burton’s Death was Sad

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Regardless of where you stand on the issue, I think we can all agree that death is sad when it happens to someone you like. Maybe we’re holding on to hazy nostalgia for childhood heroes and disillusionment with aging and changes in the music we grew up listening to, but Lars should have died instead and then literally everyone on Earth would be happy.

Limp Bizkit is Not a Good Band

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These guys, am I right? Just where do they get off, releasing the music with the rap and the rock? The nerve of it all! Why, I have half a mind to write one-hundred-and-eighty-one blog posts about how much I do not enjoy their antics!

RIP Dime

Dimebag Gif
Sometimes you have to get your pulled pork and black mouth smile, and put on some power metal to really remember the Diamond Man.

It Sucks that Randy Blythe Killed a Guy

Randy Blythe Gif
Sometimes death is not as sad? In a way, it’s just confusing, like when a guy you like kills a guy you don’t know and everyone thinks about it a little bit but then it’s OK in the end because the guy you like gets out of prison and writes a book and everyone is happy again. In a way, it’s kind of an inspirational story. And he wrote a book! He is very good at writering.

The Osbournes, amirite you guys?

The Osbournes Gif
The Ozzman is a metal legend. Why do we care about his family? Why are there cameras capturing Ozzy struggling with basic cognitive function? Why do they call it “Reality Television”? It is the year 2001 and this is a phenomenon that is terrible!

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