Flush it Friday: Memory is Fickle


I accidentally clicked the Tab key on my keyboard while playing Halo 2 Anniversary edition last night and was floored when the game switched to the original 2004 graphics. I know this isn’t a new concept—remembering displays as more beautiful than they actually were at the time, due to a lack of foresight—but we’re all frogs in the slowly boiling water when it comes to updates like these. Back in 2004, a young owl stared in awe at the shiny new armor of the Elites and Master Chief’s upgraded suit. Looking back now, the images seem quaint: “That’s so charming, the bushes don’t even have RAY-TRACING hahaha 343 you sweet summer child.” It’s hard to imagine the same graphical leap looking forward to 2036, what with the current hyperrealism that can be simulated with modern rendering engines. We probably won’t stop until they’re indistinguishable from reality, but hey, things could be worse. One thing I know for sure is the beauty of the content that follows will never dull:

Hans mourned the near-loss of some top-notch bands:

Have you seen these bands?

Emester joined the boiz in Ninth Realm to brandish medieval weaponry:

Premiere: Ninth Realm – ‘All Hail Treachery’

IGoM excoriated imperialism in his review of the newest Xibalba:

Xibalba’s Años en infierno and the Hell of Empire

365 entered equilibrium with a track premiere from Crafting the Conspiracy:

PREMIERE: Crafting The Conspiracy – “Equilibrium (Earthbound II)”

May your Gs be 4K, your Bs be belittled, and your Us be unremarkable.

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