All Hail Soundcloud’s Metal King, Fenriz


Norwegian artist Gylve “Fenriz” Nagell is a true Renaissance Man. Best known for his work in Darkthrone – a 30 year old metal institution that helped form the blueprint for a little something we call Black Metal – he also: delved into folk metal, dark ambient and doom metal in solo projects (see Isengard, Neptune Towers and Red Planet, respectively); listens to copious amounts of music every day while working at Oslo’s post office and finally, is a DJ-podcast-mixtape master. Seriously. Join me as I explore the legendary tapes posted to his Soundcloud account.

So far, Fenriz has posted 12 mixtapes under the heavytassen handle. Surprisingly (to some), there is a healthy amount of variety in his mixes. The music ranges from the nastiest black metal to the grooviest deep house, without neglecting any of the stylistical stops in between. For the sake of brevity – which I tend to shoot in the face in my posts – I will showcase my favorites, allowing you to explore the rest on your own terms.

First up is “Cult Metal For All Of You Darkthrone Fans Out There”, which is basically everyone with a functional auditive system. According to Mr. Fenriz himself, it is a mixtape assembled for personal friends he calls “the metal freaks”. The internet is a beautiful thing, for now you too can be a metal freak and enjoy this selection of obscure gems.

Among the featured bands are old goons like Detroit’s recently reformed Coven and French band H-Bomb riding alongside newer acts like the Aussies from Convent Guilt (HIGHLY recommended). This is one and a half hour of pure unadulterated heavy metal, put together by someone who knows what he’s talking about. Enjoy.

“CAPPELEN FORSLAGS KONVERSASJONSLEKSIKON”. Wait, what? I am positive that if you say that in front of a mirror three times Baphomet will appear in your bathroom you deserve an award for having god-tier language skills. Even Ancient Sumerian is easier than that. Thankfully, there is a “Fenriz Typical Allstyle Dj Set” subtitle right next to that thing.

I have mad respect for someone who can pull off a playlist that starts with Rocky’s post-fight speech, follows up Brasilian vocal group Quarteto Em Cy (who?) with doom purveyors Saint Vitus and finishes with the noise rock from Hammerhead. Allstyle, indeed. Listen to the insanity below.

Last, Fenriz’ top 15 songs of 2015’s first quarter. This is my personal favorite because a) it is absolutely perfect from start to finish, all killer and no filler; b) it appears to be the first edition of Radio Fenriz, something that absolutely NEEDS to become a recurring feature and c) we covered many of the featured bands on this very blog over the past months – a fact that delivers a surge of lifeloving joy to my tedious existence. Check out the amazing tracklist below and get hyped for the Monster Jam.

1. DEATHHAMMER – Warrriors Of Evil | Evil Power (Covered herehere & here)
2. NOCTERNITY – Harps Of The Ancient Temples | Homonymous
3. PARASYTES – Bloodsucker | Demo 2015
4. SEREMONIA – Luciferin Lapset | Kristalliarki
5. SACRAL RAGE – En Cima Del Mal | Illusions In Infinite Void
6. TRIBULATION – Holy Libations | The Children Of The Night
7. VASSAFOR – Phoenix Of The Maelstrom | Phoenix Of The Maelstrom (Covered here)
8. ACID KING – Coming Down From Outer Space | The Middle Of Nowhere, The Center Of Everywhere (Reviewed here)
9. CRYPT SERMON – Byzantium | Out Of The Garden (Mini-reviewed here)
10. EUROPE – Days Of Rock N’ Roll | War Of Kings
11. GOUGE – Wretched Passion | Beyond Death (Covered here & here)
12. THE HAUNTING PRESENCE – Tampering With The Presence Of You | Self-Titled (Reviewed here)
13. GOAT SEMEN – Genocidio | Ego Svm Satana  (Mini-reviewed here)
14. HIC IACET – The Cosmic Trance Into The Void | Homonymous (Covered here & here)
15. INCULTER – Death Domain | Persisting Devolution

Undoubtedly one of the most talented, charismatic and magnetic figures in all of metal music, Fenriz has claimed another territory to rule from his dark throne. May his reign be long and prosperous.

(Header image is a still from this video, made by ENO – NORSK MUSIKKMAGASIN)


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