Vaporwave Makes DISTURBED Tolerable



Have you ever thought to yourself, “Self, I want to like Disturbed, but the instrumentation is just too abrasive for me. Why isn’t there an option to hear my favorite Howie Mandel impersonator, DAVID DRAIMAN, sing his dulcet tones over a sensual background of hazy, made-for-corporate-training-videos smooth jazz?” Soundcloud user yungtera feels you. “乱れた – 襲われた STRICKEN” is two years old but it was brought to my attention yesterday, so it’s your problem now. This track takes Disturbed’s “Stricken” and gives it a vaporwave remix.

If “vaporwave” is an unfamiliar term, I highly recommend reading my brief explainer with BLANK BANSHEE. Quite simply, it’s a culmination of A E S T H E T I C S designed to take you back in time to the food court of a perfectly-preserved shopping mall in 1989.

Vaporwave is created entirely by stoned teenagers that spend too much time on the Internet, so it’s a real mystery why there aren’t more metalXvaporwave remixes. Fortunately, I found one more remix of interest. For those of you too trve for Disturbed, I’ve helpfully included this cover I found of Burzum‘s “Tomhet” by MAMAIA_2084. It’s pretty dull, which is totally par for the course for Burzum.

(h/t Shabubu)

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