And The Best Band Logo Of The Millennium Is…


Hahahah, no reveal here – you gotta click, chump.

Just over a month ago we set out on a mission to determine the best band logo created since the year 2000. We pit 64 logos against one another in a big-ass knockout tournament. Within the first week, many of us discovered our long-time friends had extremely terrible taste in art. Graphic design may have been their passion, but as the old adage states – love is blind as shit. Nevertheless, we pushed on and whittled down the polarising .png until just 2 remained. We also deigned to include a 3rd place playoff to mollify the mad Chthulian and Wormrottish masses. Without further ado, here are your results:



No shit, hundreds of votes and this still ended up an exact tie, i.e. they both fucken lost.



Go find Draghkar on Facebook and congratulate/complain there.

Here’s how it all played out.


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