And The Most Innovative Guitarist In Metal Today Is…


[excruciatingly long-ass pick scrape goes here]

A little over a month ago we set out to determine who the most innovative metal guitarist is in the modern day. 48 guitarists, hundreds of broken strings, and tens of thousands of votes later, we’ve narrowed it down to one. Sure, everyone here’s a winner and all those usual trite platitudes people use during competitions also apply here, but really, there has to be one. And as everyone knows, artistic expression is about one thing and one thing only – deciding who’s the best, and then promptly shitting on everyone else’s opinion or lashing out in a fit of inconsolable rage, depending on whether your taste is correct or whether you’re an idiot.

The response we’ve had to this tournament has been overwhelmingly positive, which is fucking awesome. Almost everyone who has responded/commented/shared/discussed the competition has either been stoked to see some of their favourite guitarists get some recognition, or remarked on it being a great way to discover some rad stuff they’d never heard of before. We’ve even had a bunch of the competitors themselves say they were introduced to some newfound faves through their match-ups, which rules. Mad thanks to everyone who took part. But enough with the back-patting, we’re all here to see some blood on the frets for the final time. Let’s take a look at how the contest shaped-up until this point…


Josh Raiken (Suffering Hour)

Josh may have been scientifically proven to have penned the best riffs of 2017, but was that enough to defeat Dan’s double-duty death dealing?

Dan Gargiulo (Artificial Brain | Revocation)

Will Dan’s synthetic synapses prevail, or will this prove to be his final hour of suffering?

Dylan DiLella (Pyrrhon)

Will Dylan’s incredible winning streak truly have no end?
Or have his hands finally ran out of skin to shred?

Kevin Hufnagel (Dysrhythmia | Gorguts | Sabbath Assembly | Vaura)

Was The Huff™ tuff enuff to snuff Dylan in the final fisticuff?
Or was his campaign all fluff and bluff?

Well there you have it. The top 4 most innovative guitarists in metal today, as chosen by you, are –

1. Kevin Hufnagel
2. Dylan DiLella
3. Dan Gargiulo
4. Josh Raiken

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