Album Premiere: The Oracle – Hypogeum


The toilet got that weird shit in the inbox and said “send it to Ben.” And Ben looked upon it and he saw that it was good.

The Oracle is a Worcester, MA-based avant-garde/experimental electronics project, debuting with their first album Hypogeum. The music takes a lot of nods from classical and film scores, black metal, minimalism, and more.

There are some John Carpenter moments here and there, and a great building of texture and soundscape overall. The album is named after a Neolithic underground structure thought to be a temple or sanctuary of sorts. One of the chambers, carved from solid limestone, has been noted for unique acoustic properties and has been deemed the Oracle Chamber.

Each track of the album is accompanied by a video, all of which come together to form a short film, which will be premiering here. Like the music, there’s a lot of playing around with texture, including some moments that can cause discomfort. Some sections may give motion sickness. The piece is an exploration of paranoia and ritualism, the rise and fall of messiahs and cult leaders. Enjoy.

Hypogeum is out through Repose Records. You can find it here, here, and here.

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